Birthday Party Information

We offer 2 different birthday party packages for you to choose from. From the birthdays menu choose each package to see the details and pricing for each package. We do require pre-payment for parties at least 2 days prior to the party. You are only required to pre-pay for the minimum # of 10 skaters. Anything extra (additional skaters, pizza, ice cream, soda etc.) will be billed at the party.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, or cash for party pre-payment. Sorry but we do not accept checks. If you are unable to come down to pre-pay for a party keep in mind that we do accept payment over the phone with either a visa or MasterCard. Also, at the time of pre-payment we have invitations available at no extra charge.

2 Great Birthday Packages to choose from!


Don’t forget! We also host Private Parties!

Please Pre-Pay 2 days in advance.
We accept Visa, MC, Debit Cards, and Cash.
(sorry no checks)

Please call 775-329-3472 for more info

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I just bring all the kids skating and use a table for a party?
Of course you can, but please consider the value and the additional fun the kids will have with one of our birthday packages.

Other parents are going to be coming. Will I be charged for them?
Yes and No. You will not be charged for parents that are there with their child and watch. If a parent comes with the intention of eating ice cream, pizza and drinking soda, they will be charged as an additional guest. Generally the best thing to do is tell parents that if they want to skate they need to pay for themselves. We do offer a full snack bar so if they get hungry, they can purchase food there.

Can I bring in my own food? For the Adults?
Generally the answer is No. We do not allow outside food or drink in the building besides a birthday cake. We offer a full snack bar with pizza, nacho’s, hot dogs, pretzels and more! For questions about our food policy please feel free to call management at 329-3472.

What if I want to upgrade my party?
Its never to late to upgrade a party. If you want to upgrade a party, please call us before the party so that our employees can prepare. If you want to upgrade at the party time that is not a problem either. Just talk to your host(ess) and we will upgrade your package. Just remember if you want to upgrade to a Wizards Deluxe party, we need to know at least 24 hours in advance (to be prepared to serve a cake.